Stainless Steel Tubes


We are regular suppliers to the Submersible Pump/motor manufacturer In India

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Quality Policy

We believe that quality in the lifeline of every business and we are committed to satisfy our customers by supplying quality products. We have proactive approach to uphold integrity in conducting our business and provide conducive environment for individuals to perform and excel in their areas of operation. Our ultimate motto is customers’ satisfaction.

“In the final analysis Quality is not just a product, Quality is not just a package, of service and attributes, and Quality is a way of life.

Quality is a shop where materials move in an orderly way. Quality is an office where work gets accomplished with neatness and quiet efficiency. Quality is a Manager who honors its commitment. Quality isn’t something that you make with machines and materials nor is it a set of standard that you achieve with a few stringent tests. Quality is a mindset. It is the way one looks at his works; the sincerity respect & passion one shows to deliver the best in each job he does. Quality is an attitude it is the way one lives.”

Quality Assurance Plan

At Apurvi Industries quality is assured right form the beginning.
Understand customer’s requirement and expectation.
To cover the exact raw material as per requirement with the test Certificate.
Manufacture the goods as per process plan with tolerance limits at every stage.
Straightness 0.3mm max. For 500 mm length / 0.7mm for 1 meter lengths
Final quality check by our inspection department.

We have achieved the high quality through the professional Competence of the personnel, high working motivation and a service minded attitude. Every single employee of Apurvi industries is responsible for the quality of his/her work.

In addition to this we also offer specific testing to our client’s requirement.

We go on developing more kinds of new products to satisfy the different line of clients' needs. Our slogan is superior quality,
Sincerity and mutual profit. If you are interested in any of our products, please not hesitate to contact us.

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